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Webcomic: Meet Bartleby

Hello everyone!

I’ve had this idea for a webcomic for over a year and I’m finally ready to start putting it down on the page. I have 3 or 4 more pages planned for this month, so keep an eye out!

Bartleby was inspired by the #WriteFightGifClub on Twitter. He was the mascot at one point, brandishing his motto, “Don’t drop the pen” (Borrowed from Twitter user DLT). While the comic itself has a laptop rather than a pen, I hope the idea carries through.

Please realize that I am NOT a professional. I haven’t done much drawing at all since college. This is just for fun. I hope you enjoy 😄

Note: the laptop I scanned a high res image of the comic to is refusing to connect to the internet. I will be uploading a picture I took with my phone for now. But I’ll be uploading a better photo as soon as I can!

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