About Me

Hello, I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you.

Obligatory artsy camera shot


I’m a sociable introvert. Jesus is my best friend, as is my husband. All my other friends I have met through church or Twitter (two extremely different places it turns out). When I’m not banging my head against a blank page or procrastinating on social media, I am raising two crazy energetic toddlers. We’ll call them Galahad (aka Sir G) and the Dragon.


Top of my home-school class

Started Dance lessons

Started violin lessons

Quit violin lessons

Quit Dance lessons

Honor roll throughout high school

Made the JV Poms Team

Dean’s list throughout four-year university

Side swiped a semi truck with parent’s minivan

Co-edited university’s literary magazine

Survived a year studying Theology in Tokyo

Presented papers at the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Conferences

Graduated Sigma cum laude (but not magna)

Married the boy our Validictorian turned down Freshman year (how’s that free ride to Brown University looking now, huh?)

Discovered my abject hatred for working retail

Bought a house

Joined a gym

Visited gym 8 times

Canceled gym membership after 4 years

Rejected from 3 grad schools

Became a nanny

Became a mommy

Started antidepressants

Taught Reading

Travelled to Cambodia with Teach Global

Joined Twitter

Won Nanowrimo 2017

Made it on “Babbles Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week” list (twice)

Cried on stage at my local church

Spoke at the Mom Equipped Conference

Life Plan:

Phase One – Start blog.

Phase Two – ???

Phase Three – World domination.

     (so far everything is going according to plan)
I’m looking off in the distance to look serious. The flower headband lets you know I’m not too serious.

I’d love to get to know you! Comment below or head over to Talk to Me or any of my social media pages to introduce yourself