For those of you who don’t know, @RadinaValova posts photos with an accompanying story prompt and challenge line every Thursday on Twitter. If you’re a writer on Twitter (and if you’re not… you should be) or an I’d-love-to-but-don’t-have-the-talent-nor-time-writer, you should head over and join in the fun! #PhotoStoryPrompt.

Everyone is very kind and free with suggestions if you’re open to them. Or you can just read the works of others and show some love~

Below are mine:

Photo Prompt – Chinese Food

Photo Prompt – Gas Station

Photo Prompt — For Rent

(Yes I know I am horribly behind, but I am hoping to rectify that. Feel free to jump on Twitter or the Talk to Me page to scold me if you see me slacking)

All pictures are taken by Radina herself, so all credit to her. My prompts reflect the characters of my current WIP but are not actually a part of the book.